Saturday, May 14, 2011

Find A Grave Update

Well my email inbox had another little email on Thursday that read Find A Grave Photo Request: Success!
The first few lines read,

Find A Grave contributor, JP has fulfilled your photo request for Minnie Chaplin. To see the new photo(s), visit Minnie Chaplin's online memorial by clicking on the link below:This gave me such a feeling of joy!  This is my maternal Grandmother, and we share the same middle name of Elizabeth.

When I clicked on the link I was surprised to see three names on the grave stone.  William T is my grandfather and Herbert H is my great uncle.  William and Herbert were brothers. 

I am guessing but I think the other Chaplin brothers pitched in to buy the plot for my grandfather, he was a motor man and died at 41.  There were four brothers here in the States at one time, they all came from England.  One of the uncles, Vic was better off as I inherited some money he left to my mother.  He died back in England but had been in the States and he had even taken my Aunt Em out on dates.  She is my Dad's sister.  I am not sure how Herbert ended up here or what happened to his wife.

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