Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day: My Mom Was an Army Nurse During WWII

It is Memorial Day weekend a time to remember the fallen soldiers of our country.  I remember when we would get the red poppy flowers and wear them.

My mother survived WWII but I thought I would write about her today.  She was an Army Nurse during the war, she was stationed in the Philippines, and that is all she told me when I was at age 11.  I can remember it well we were standing in her bedroom and we were packing to move to Florida.  She was packing her old army foot locker.  She promised to tell me when I was older, only that talk never came.  She had some photos but she would not share them with me.  I do not know what happened to the photos.  I was the oldest and left home first.  I have no idea what my Dad did with them when he moved out of the house we lived in. 

I do not know if she was one of the nurses that was captured while in the Philippines but I hope to find the answer to that question. 

I used her old Army foot locker for years as my coffee table and when ever I moved from one apartment to another. I no longer have the foot locker, but it did made it to Arizona.  I had her American flag that was present to the family and draped her coffin when she was buried. It was stolen from me when it was hanging outside for a holiday. 

I cannot find any records on her service yet, but I will keep looking.  So far all I have to document her service is her gravestone.  And the only reason I have this is from a Find a Grave volunteer. 

One small step for me and my ancestors.

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