Monday, May 23, 2011

A Volunteer Went the Extra Mile

When I entered my request for my Mom’s grave stone, I did not request my Dad’s I am not sure why but I did not request it. Christine the volunteer did take a picture of my Dad’s gravestone. I did not realize it until a couple of days after the original post on my Mom’s stone. I did send her a thank you note when I noticed the gravestone. Here is the link to the picture.

A Rosary Case like my Dad's
 My first reaction when I saw the rosaries on my Dad’s gravestone was, “How appropriate.” I am not sure if my brothers chose this or my Dad. I was not involved with the funeral arrangements. One of the memories I have of my Dad was he always had his rosaries in his pockets. He carried them in a little black case and every time he placed them in his pocket he would cross himself with the rosaries (in the case) in his right hand and them kiss the case and place them in his right pocket of his pants. There were many an evening during Lent that we would sit or kneel and say the rosaries. I can remember him saying the rosaries for Mom when she was so sick with cancer or before one of her surgeries. He was a man of faith and prayed frequently.

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