Sunday, May 15, 2011

Find A Grave Update

Oh this is too exciting, another email!

Great News!

Find A Grave contributor, Christine has fulfilled your photo request for Annette Hartmann. To see the new photo(s), visit Annette Hartmann's online memorial by clicking on the link below:

This is my second Mom's grave stone.  I knew she had been an Army Nurse during WWII but now I know her rank.  I also thought she signed up in Massachusetts where she is from but maybe she signed up in New York.  It is a lead since I have never found any records of her in Massachusetts. 

I had her veteran's flag that was on her coffin and I had it hanging outside of my townhouse back in the 90's.  I went out one evening and came home and some one had stolen it.  I was not a happy camper, I still get mad about it when I think of it.  I guess if I had been smart maybe I should have place the flag in one of those triangle boxes.  Oh well too late now.  I was just proud to hang her flag.

My attempts to be a contributor have not been too successful.  I found one open request and took the picture and submitted it.  But every other time I have searched to find an open request they were claimed the day before I went in to check.  I am set up to be notified by email when a request is placed but I have not received such an email,  and yes my email is correct. 

I was showing the pictures of the grave stones to my husband, who isn't really into genealogy and he said, "This is so cool that people are willing to take these pictures.  What a great idea." 

One small step for me and my ancestors.

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