Thursday, January 26, 2012

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Books

Books. What was your favorite book, or who was your favorite author from your childhood? What do you like to read now? Books or other formats?
Books seem like they have always been in my life.  As much as I struggled with school work I did enjoy reading.  The first book that I remember being my very own book was a book given to me my Aunt Bea.  I felt like it was a big girl book.  I was only ten or eleven when she gave it to me.

This is the cover on my first big girl book
She was working as a Librarian.  On the cover was a gold seal for the Newbery Medal it had received.  The book was TheWitch of Blackbird Pond.  If I remember right it also had a plastic cover on it like library books have to protect the jacket. It is probably why I enjoy historical novels now. 

I became more involved in reading after I moved to Florida.  It was too hot and humid to play outside in the summer and I would stay inside and read.  My Mom would get upset with me for spending so much time reading she would yell at me, “Go outside and get the cob webs dusted off”.  I read a lot of classic novels like Jane Eyre and books by Charles Dickens.
I still enjoy reading but I seldom send hours reading like when I was a pre-teen and teen.  I have too many other fun things to do like quilting, genealogy and blogging. Now I read things like Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, The Millennial Glory Series by Wendie L Edwards and Genealogy books.  I also like audio books and listen to them when I am driving or sewing.  I usually listen to Science Fiction, or mysteries as well as the classical books.  

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