Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Annette

Funny how your brain works, I was think a lot about my Mom Annette yesterday.  This is the Mom who rasied me after my Mother died.  I was thinking it is her birthday week, and maybe I should post something about a person on their birthday on my blog.  But since I thought I had already missed her Birthday I would wait until Sunday to do it, when life wasn't so busy.

So this morning I cranked up the old Genealogy software to check which day was offically her Birthday and it was the 7th, not the 6th.  See I was thinking about her on the correct day. 

Our Family 1951, Whitestone NY
Mom, Happy Belated Birthday, I haven't forgotten you and all you did for me. 
Mom with all four kids 1960, Fort Lauderdale FL
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  1. Hi, Mary,
    Thanks so much for following my blog! I tried to email you but the link didn't work. I think the family photo from 1951 is a treasure. Same generation as I am -- and the photo looks so spot on early 50s. Happy Birthday to your 2nd Mom. They're wonderful to have.