Sunday, December 12, 2010

Advent Calendar: Christmas Gifts

When I think of the gifts I enjoyed receiving as a child, I think of my first 2 wheeler bike, of course when I first received it on Christmas morning it had training wheels on it.  The bike was blue, my favorite color.  My first wallet was a fun gift, it was blue and a little girl's wallet. 
Now I like the gift that my friends pick out with care that fit me, like the lambs or special ornaments. I especially like handmade gifts. 
The gifts I like to give the most are hand made ones or ones that I look at and think oh that is so like....
The best fun about gifts is when you go to a friends house and see the special items you made or picked out for them are out and about the house.
Kierra & Will with her gift she loved
One of the fun people I buy gifts for is our daughter Kierra, she loves vampires and skulls and all, so I start buying her Christmas gifts at Halloween.  I have fun some fun stuff and she really like them.  Here she is from last Christmas with her favorite gift of Skeletons, See No Evil, Speak No Evil & Hear No Evil.
It is a lot different when you are a child then the gift power is in the fun it can be but as an adult it is about the joy or memories a gift can bring. 

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