Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Calendar: Fruit Cake Friend or Foe

Did you like fruitcake? Did your family receive fruitcakes? Have you ever re-gifted fruitcake? Have you ever devised creative uses for fruitcake?
I think this is a trick question!  Fruitcake friend or foe or a little of both. I do like good fruitcake!  I don't like lousy fruitcake! I like the kind my Dad made.  He started making it right after Thanksgiving.  He would make it and soak it in some kind of liquor.  I was too young to remember what kind.  He also made some without the liquor for us little people.  After he made the fruit cake he would wrap it in aluminum foil and store it in the front hall coat closet by the front door, right in the corner against two outside walls.  When we moved to Florida when I was eleven he stopped making fruit cake.  Probably because there was no cold coat closet to store it in.
I have never re-gifted fruitcake, or used it as a door stop. I would like to find a good recipe to make.  I don't have my Dad's recipe.

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  1. I'm glad you like fruitcake (we seem to be in a minority) and it sounds like your Dad knew how to make it the right way. He might have stopped making it in Florida because the cake might not have been able to withstand the humidity for a month.