Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Calendar: Christmas Tree Ornaments

Bubble Candle, olive wood ornament & Bolivian Kantuta Flower
Today's theme is Christmas Tree Ornaments.

I grew up in a home with multicolor ornaments, and that is still what I like the best, lots of color. I think we strung popcorn once when I was kid I may have even tried it once with my kids. Not anything I want to do. We had strings of glass beads we strung on the tree as garland. I still use them.

A glass lamb
We always had pretty glass ornaments when I was a kid. After I left home I started to buy a variety of ornaments and receive different ones from patients and co-workers. I have written the name of each giver on the box the ornament came in and each year when I hang them on the tree I have memories of so many people. Unfortunately the faces are fading in my mind’s eye.

Some where in my in my young adult years I started collecting lambs and I have many lamb ornaments. 

Hand Made by me 1978

Some of my favorite ornaments are from my mission in Bolivia. I purchased some of the miniature items , tied some tri-color ribbon on the item and hung it on my tree.  Like the first picture.

I also have hand made ornaments.  when the kids were younger I made them a new ornament every year, no I just buy them and by now they should have enough to decorate a small tree.

The ornament, such a simple thing but full of memories.



  1. You have some beautiful ornaments ~ I love the variety!!

  2. This reminds me - I know who gave me all of my gift ornaments, but I have never written it down; perhaps I should try to do that this year.

  3. Yes Greta, write the names down so othes will kow also.