Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent Calendar: Outdoor Decorations

This not my House!!!

I remember we had lights on our house in Whitestone and in Fort Lauderdale.  But when I was thinking about the house in New York and it was a 2 story house with a basement and an attic.  I was wondering did my Dad really put them up on the roof line or was it just around the front door.  I really can't remember.  We always had the large C-9 bulbs in multicolor.

What I remember better is we always took rides to go look at the Christmas lights as a family.  To this day I still drive a little slower to admire the Christmas lights when I drive through neighborhoods. I love to see the homes all dressed up.  But not like the one above.

We just do the front edge roof line and not up the garage peak.  My husband use to but he doesn't want to climb up on the roof any more.  I still use the large C-9 bulbs.  For a couple of years we had the white icicles string of light but I missed my color too much.  One year I talked my husband into handing both the colored lights and the icicles.  Noticed that was only one year. 

The picture above was from Ugly Christmas Lights.


  1. The one pictured above does seem a little bit "bright", doesn't it? lol!

  2. Have been reading your advent posts. Very enjoyable. Loved your recipes will give them a try. I had to giggle at your caption of "not my house" Cute.